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Ola’s Garden offers a unique collection of hand made jewelry pieces and beautifully crafted accessories such as scarves, shawls, leather work, mosaic, embroidery, painting and other creations. Every item is a one of a kind piece making it uniquely different from other designers and accessories. Ola's pieces are made from various materials including natural stones, leather, fabrics, wood and metal.

Ola's Garden is committed to design rather than trends, with unique nature loving spirit and style the core of its ethos. Ola has a unique style that strongly reflects her interest in and love for nature, designing directly from life, reflecting ideas about nature; Ola's method in design is a meditation in details through patience and observation.

Beauty never dies it emerges in a deferent way; but you have to keep your mind open for new possibilities thus Ola uses materials such as wood, sand, leaves, coffee, tea, recycled paper and sometimes even nut shells! Every material brings new and beautiful ideas to Ola's designs.

Ola Mubaslat, designer and owner, established Ola's Garden in 2008 opening her workshop/store in the beautiful Khirfan Street the oldest street in Amman. Ola fell in love with every aspect of the place; you can feel the soul of every brick, which emphasize the vision Ola want to reflect on her work and designs.

 Located just off the end of Rainbow Street the trendiest part of town 300 m in Khirfan Street, Ola's Garden provides a cozy little haven to spend time peacefully admiring the many items on display.

Discover the beautiful handmade work by visiting Ola's Garden. Whether you come to Ola’s Garden to buy a special gift, learn jewelry making or just to talk art; you are always welcome.

How to get there?

Ola's Garden

60 Khirfan Street

Off Rainbow Street

Or contact Ola Mubaslat directly:

Mobile: + 962 79 539 0136


Working hours:

Summer from 11:00 to 6:30  
Winter from 11:00 to 5:30    

Off day: only Tuesday


View the embedded image gallery online at:

 Phone | +962 79 539 0136 | هاتف
 Email | | البريد الاكتروني
Website | |  الموقع الإلكتروني
 Address: 60 Khirfan Street, 1st Circle Amman
العـــــنـــــوان:  شارع خرفان - بنايه رقم ٦٠، الدوار الاول - عمان


Ola''s Garden