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Mix & Match Handicrafts is a Jordanian handicrafts shop opened in July 2008 in Amman. Specialized in Ladies wear, Aabayas, tops and dresses.The home accessories are made from sewing special art pieces with embroidery or wooden pieces with eastern style design. All products are modern with eastern touch and proudly handmade in Jordan. Our high quality collection of handicrafts is produced with local materials utilizing traditional skills and producing high end pieces that one will be proud to keep.


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 Phone |   +962 6 585 1970    | هاتف
 Email | | البريد الاكتروني
Website | |  الموقع الإلكتروني
 Address: Almawada Street,  7th Circle Amman
العـــــنـــــوان:  شارع الموده، الدوار السابع - عمان


Mix & Match Handicrafts