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Al Mukhtar | مطعم المختار

Address: Queen Noor Street, Amman 11195, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 569 6511 Fax: +962 6 567 4261
Enjoy Lebanese mezzas in traditional Andalusian surroundings at Al Mukhtar, located in Le Méridien Hotel. This authentic Lebanese restaurant,employs Lebanese staff to ensure a truly authentic experience. » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Shmeisani

Auberge Restaurant | مطعم ومقهى الاوبرج

Address: Basman Street, Amman, Jordan
Delicious varieties of Arabic dishes, barbecue, and other mouth-watering specialties. » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Downtown | وسط البلد

Beit Sitti | مطعم بيت ستي

Address: 16 Mohammad Ali Al Sa'di St., Amman 11194
Beit Sitti offers a cook and dine experience where you come and learn how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal with the help of a Hajjeh, and then get to eat the food that you prepared » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Jabal Al Weibdeh

Burj Al Hamam | مطعم برج الحمام

Address: Al Kulliyah Al Elmiyah Al Eslamiyah St, Amman 11183, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 464 1361 Fax: +962 6 464 5217
Burj Al Hamam serves up the traditional Lebanese mezze and grills with all the frills that you might expect from one Amman’s top hotels. » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • 3rd Circle

Deir El Qamar Restaurant |مطعم دير القمر

Address: Saad Abdo Shamout St., Amman 19152
Phone: +962 6 593 4666 Fax: +962 6 593 9667 Mobile: +962 79 622 2216
Deir El Qamar offers a great variety of delicious Lebanese food. يقدم مطعم دير القمر اشهى المأكولات اللبنانية » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Abdoun | عبدون

Diwan Al-Sultan Ibrahim | مطعم ديوان السلطان ابراهيم

Address: Shatt Al Arab street , Amman 11190, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 551 7280 Fax: +962 6 551 7380
Diwan Al-Sultan Ibrahim offers One of the best Lebanese cuisines in Amman. In adition to the delicious mezza varieties, the menu includes fresh seafood entrees, and mixed lebanese grill. » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Um Uthaina | أم أذينة

Fakhr-El Din Restaurant | مطعم فخرالدين

Address: 40 Taha Hussein Street, Amman 11184, 2nd Circle, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 465 2399 Fax: +962 6 464 1792
Fakhr-El Din Restaurant is one of the leading Lebanese restaurants in Amman and is one of the few remaining vestiges of its type. It specializes in genuine Lebanese cuisine, offering an wide-ranging menu topped with exceptional service. » More Info

Haret Jdoudna | حارة جدودنا

Address: Adel Jumean Street, Madaba, Jordan
Phone: +962 5 324 8650 Fax: +962 5 324 8609
Haret Jdoudna represents an authentic village in the city of Madaba, offering everything from amazing traditional food, to entertainment, to local crafts. » More Info

Kan Zamaan Restaurant | مطعم قرية كان زمان

Address: Airport Rd., Amman
Oriental and local cuisine, authentic flavors and expertly made food, art and music and culture: all find their home within the ancient walls of Kan Zamaan. » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Alyadodeh | اليادودة

Levant Restaurant

Address: Al Mutanabbi Street, behind Le Royal Hotel, Amman info@levant-jo.com
One of the top Lebanese restaurants in Jordan, serving Shawarma, Grilled Kebab, Mixed Grill, Shish Tawook, Grilled Meat Cubes On Skewers, Lamb Cutlets and many other delicious items. » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • 3rd Circle | الدوار الثالث

Olea restaurant

Address: Al Kindi St, Amman 11118
Phone: +962 6 550 555 Fax: +962 6 550 5556
At Olea restaurant in Amman, experience home-style Levant cuisine in an atmosphere that reflects the renowned hospitality and generosity of the Eastern Mediterranean region » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • 5th Circle | الدوار الخامس

Rawabi Al Quds Restaurant | مطعم روابي القدس الجديد

Address: Al Madina Al Munawara Street, Amman
Whatever pleases your taste you'll find at our restaurant, where all the Kinds of Oriental and Arabic dishes are presented by our masterful chefs with an Arabian distinctive flavors » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Al Madina Al Monawara Street

Sufra Restaurant | مطعم سفرة

Address: 26 Rainbow St, Amman 11181, 1st Circle, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 461 1469 Fax: +962 6 465 8880
At Sufra, we've combined the taste of Jordanian food, and the atmosphere that captures the spirit of the Jordanian mealtime with the hospitality of its people. » More Info

Tannoureen | مطعم تنورين

Address: Shatt Al Arab street, Amman, Um Uthaina, Jordan
Phone: +962 6 551 5987 Fax: +962 6 552 3908
Tannoureen Restaurant menu features traditional favorites as well as contemporary interpretations of regional cuisine, frequently new delectable items are added to keep your palate interested. » More Info

Tawaheen Alhawa Restaurant‎ | ‎مطعم طواحين الهوا

Address: 170 Wasfi Al Tal St., Amman
في بيوت الشعر والصالات المكيفة لدينا أرقى الجلسات العائلية الهادئة القريبة من نوافير وشلالات المياه حيث الخضرة والطبيعة » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Khalda | خلدا

Zad El-Khair | مطعم زاد الخير

Address: King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz St., Amman
The restaurant offers various types of eastern cuisines and additional Lebanese appetizers and Iraqi seafood dishes » More Info
  • Neighbourhood:
  • Um Uthaynah | أم أذينة