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Limited Addition is dedicated to creating unique, handmade and elegant paper products. Each item is exclusively designed to reflect the beauty of Arab heritage and the freshness of natural elements.  An infusion of soothing pastels or a splash of vibrant colors adds the final touch to these breathtaking designs which are then meticulously hand-printed using a silk screen process. From stationary to gift boxes, from albums to wrapping paper, each Limited Addition item is a beautiful work of art.

Limited Addition first opened its doors in 1999 and is led by chief designer and part owner Andrea Atalla. In addition to its extensive line of handmade greeting cards, gifts and paper products, Limited Addition offers customized stationary and full graphic design services.

With a background in fine arts and experience in graphic design abroad, Andrea Atalla opened her first graphic design company in Jordan in 1992. Her creative touch led Atalla Design - a full-service design and publication agency - to great success and a long list of esteemed clients.

Andrea’s desire to capture the unique beauty of Arabic tradition and her vision to integrate the skill of handwork into what is fast becoming a computer-dominated design world, led her to establish Limited Addition in 1999. Since then, she has been creating unique paper products inspired by Arabic calligraphy, Islamic art and the raw beauty of nature.


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