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La Calle

La Calle
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Rainbow St., Amman

+962 77 726 6928
+962 77 726 6928
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In the most traditional area of Jabal Amman, commonly known as the 1st Circle, one of the early 20th century shops has now been replaced by La Calle; an Italian Restaurant & Pub that retains the ambiance of the old world.

La Calle, a common Venetian word meaning ‘the narrow street’, is a simple yet lively place that reflects the warmth and vitality which Italy is well-known for. La Calle features a fascinating wide range of both Food & Beverage recipes from all over Italy, where traditional Italian ingredients are introduced, but are carefully balanced with a range of family favorites in an effort to evoke the true taste of Italy.
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  • 1st Circle | الدوار الأول


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