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  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) | مطعم كنتاكي

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) | مطعم كنتاكي

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) | مطعم كنتاكي
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) | مطعم كنتاكي 3.25 05 0

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KFC has been cooking up satisfaction in the region and this delicious success is part of the renowned chain’s international fame. KFC is the largest chicken restaurant chain in the entire world.

The KFC concept, complete with its winning taste and satisfying experience, was brought to the MENA region by Americana Group. From one restaurant in Kuwait which opened on the 25th of September 1973, the franchise rapidly grew with more restaurants opening their doors in the country and in KSA,UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, and Kazakhastan. Now generations in the region have grown up with the amazing taste of KFC that Colonel Harland Sanders created back in the 1930s.
Americana is one of the Middle East's most successful group of companies operating consumer foods, restaurants, and food-related products. This amazing success story started in Kuwait in 1964 with the establishment of a small trading company that opened its first restaurant (Wimpy) in 1970. Today, Americana Group operates more than 1,480 outlets and has more than 63,000 employees across 12 countries from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea.


Delivery Phone: 065800000


 Address Phone
 Queen Rania Al Abdullah St. 5654360 شارع الملكة رانيا العبدالله 
 Jabal Al Hussein - Maxim Mall 5679933  جبل الحسين - مكسيم مول
 Shmeisani - Eleia Abu Madi Street 5603336  الشميساني - شارع ايليا ابو ماضي
 Shmeisani - Safeway  5671608  الشميساني - سيفوي
 Sweifieh - Zahran St.  5829912 الصويفية - شارع زهران
 Sweifieh - Princess Sumaia St.  5829912  الصويفية - شارع الاميره سميه
 Mecca Mall  5654360 مكة مول 
 City Mall  5654360  سيتي مول
 Taj Mall  5654360  تاج مول
 Galleria Mall  5654360  جاليريا مول
 Istiqlal Mall  5654360  استقلال مول
 Al Madinah Al Munawarrah St.  5851829   شارع المدينة المنورة
 Irbid - Shafeeq Irshaidat St. 065800000   اربد - شارع شفيق ارشيدات
 Zarqa - Mecca St.    054888820  الزرقاء - شارع مكه
 Aqaba - Al Rasheed Street  065800000  العقبه -  شارع الرشيد
 Tabarbor -  Al Haj Street   5654360  طبربور - شارع الحج
 Abu Nsair   5654360  ابو نصير
 Al Yadoodah 5654360  اليادودة
 Irbid - University St.  065800000  اربد - شارع الجامعة
 Abdallah Ghosheh 5654360   شارع عبدالله غوشة
  • Delivery phone no.:
  • 065800000


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