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Al Aydi Jordan Craft Centre is commitment to wards preservation of local heritage, enhancement of traditional crafts and support of jordanian craftsmen and artisans through securing local and international marketing channels for their craft products.

Products include rugs and carpets, kilims and cushions. Jewellery, embroidery, pottery and much more.


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 Phone | +962 6 464 4555 | هاتف
 Email | | البريد الاكتروني
Website | |  الموقع الإلكتروني
 Address: Talaat Harb St. 2nd Circle, Amman
العـــــنـــــوان:  ١ شارع طلعت حرب، الدوار الثاني - عمان


Jordan Craft Centre - Al Aydi | مركز الحرف الاردنية - الايدي