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  • Jasmine House | دارة الياسمين

Jasmine House | دارة الياسمين

Jasmine House | دارة الياسمين
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28 Al Baounyeh St, Amman 11191

+962 6 461 1879
General info

Jasmine House gets its inspiration from that typical Italian home of the '50s, where artists and intellectuals, around a table, shared ideas and projects.
It will be a space for contemporary poets, painters, and photographers, architects and musicians, anyone who crosses its door whether by chance or by choice.

Jasmine House Art & Food will reproduce the typical spaces of the Italian house, including the open-plan kitchen, dining room and the terrace. Its walls will host the works of artists, while aromas from the kitchen spread up to the terrace.
Jasmine House will also host two laboratories: one promoting local culture and architecture, while the other will be the creative space of a young Anglo-Jordanian emerging photographer, Sami Haven, who has already exhibited at ParisPhoto, the Venice Biennale and Tokyo.

Jasmine House Art & Food, in Jabal Al-Weibdeh, is a house open to everybody. Its kitchen is a workshop of flavours, where the primary products of traditional Italian cuisine will blend with local raw materials.
It will be a place at the service of art.
It will not be an agribusiness company, or a restaurant, but a location in which aesthetics assume an absolute meaning, where even the food will be exposed on a buffet prepared daily. It will be a shelter for those seeking inspiration.

Art will be the real owner of Jasmine House along with that Mediterranean flavour typical of this land, carrying upon the neighbouring sea breeze its secrets, scents and traditions.

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