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Hussein Bin Ali St., Amman, 3rd Circle, Jordan

+962 6 465 1234
+962 6 465 1634
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If you are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable historical romance in Amman, Indochine restaurant is the place! The beauty and sensuality of 1930s colonial Vietnam is captured with louvre-paneled doors, wooden ceiling fans, woven furniture, a covered terrace, elegant palms, and Asian art. An open theatre kitchen provides a lively culinary show and allows the wafting aromas of ginger and lemon grass to permeate the restaurant.
Prior to a superb dinner, hot, scented oshibori towels are offered to guests as they are seated. Hailing from Vietnam, a team of chefs prepare a wide array of authentic delights that may be tasted and shared by all at the table. The amalgam of East meets West is evidenced in the use of classic design with exotic touches and a music selection that includes Vietnamese and Far Eastern tunes.


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