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Dar Al-Anda Gallery | دار الأندى للفنون

Dar Al-Anda Gallery | دار الأندى للفنون
Dar Al-Anda Gallery | دار الأندى للفنون 4.375 05 0

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3 Dirar Ibn Al Azwar Street, Amman 11183, Jordan

+962 6 462 9599
+962 6 462 9597
General info

Since its foundation in 1998, Dar al Anda has been known to the world as a gallery of fine arts. In reality, it was not exactly that; it was rather a project that meant to bring together visual and auditory arts.

The Aims of Dar al-Anda:

To turn the venue into a cultural centre for the arts working within established regulations.

To develop an aesthetic sense and performance skills in those participating in sculpture, painting, pottery and music workshops.

To encourage all ages to participate in this cultural creativity.

To create an adequate atmosphere for these creative activities.

To make contact with Arab and International art and culture groups.

To contribute in marketing Jordanian art in and out of Jordan

To protect the creative rights of the artist


 في اطلالة على "وسط البلد" في عمّان, تنفتح "دار الأندى" للفنون من سفح "جبل اللويبدة", متخذة من بيت قديم, فسحة رقيقة تنسجم فيها معالم العمارة القديمة بلمسات معاصرة, لا في المدخل والأثاث وحسب, بل في طابعها كغاليري للفنون التشكيلية ومكان وجد فيه الفنانون والمثقفون في العاصمة الأردنية ملتقى للإتصال بالجمهور يبدو قليلاً ومشغولاً بإيقاع العيش اليومي.
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