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Amman Chamber of Commerce | غرفة تجارة عمان

Amman Chamber of Commerce  | غرفة تجارة عمان
Amman Chamber of Commerce | غرفة تجارة عمان 2.16667 05 0

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9 Prince Shakir Ben Zaid street, Amman 11118, Jordan

+962 (6) 566 6151
+962 (6) 566 6155
General info

The Amman Chamber of Commerce is one of the major organizations representing the private sector in Jordan with over 40 thousand registered members. The ACC was founded in 1923 as a non-profit organization to regulate and represent the interests of all trade firms in Amman and surrounding areas, and as one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The ACC has been intended to be an organization of a legal status and a public interest nature. Therefore, the ACC assumes a prominent position among Jordanian private corporations representing the private sector, as it makes relentless effort in promoting the role of Jordan's private sector in the national economy. As the ACC is still continuing to achieve a gradual progress in the course of extending services to the business community, those services have grown considerably as a result of the economic and social progress.

As a matter of fact, the ACC played a fundamental role in sustaining economic and social achievements in Jordan, and has an impact on the economic decisions making in order to render such decisions along with the desired economic tendencies and objectives. Therefore, the ACC handles various types of services to fulfill its enrolled members needs and wants. However, Certificates of Origin tend to be the most active and distinguished one, compared with other types of services offered by the ACC, based on a daily basis.

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