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Amman Academy (AA) | مدرسة اكاديمية عمان

Amman Academy (AA)   | مدرسة اكاديمية عمان
Amman Academy (AA) | مدرسة اكاديمية عمان 3.32857 05 0

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Sulayman Abdul Qader Al Sukkar, Amman 11821, Jordan

+962 6 537 4444
+962 6 533 1760
General info

Amman Academy (AA) is a private co-educational, bilingual school enrolling 1, 550 students from Kindergarten through grade 12.  The school opened in 1993 and has been an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School since 2006.



Sports facilities include several playgrounds, outdoor basketball courts and a gymnasium. The school boasts two large artificial grass soccer fields with risers for the sports fans and a state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool.



All classes are equipped with interactive boards; all teachers and administration staff are provided with laptops and the school’s 450 desktops are connected through 32 servers. Students have access to 7 computer labs, 6 science labs and three libraries housing 60 thousand books. The school’s main building (15,000 square meters) is fully wireless.


Amman Academy students receive a bilingual education in Arabic and English from Kindergarten on to grade 12.  We currently have two curricular streams by which the Jordanian National Curriculum and the IB Diploma Program are taught.  Our weekly schedule consists of 40 lessons per week; each lesson 45 minutes in length.

In 2006, we received authorization to teach the IB Diploma Program and have recently entered the candidate phase of implementing the IB Middle Years Program in grades 6-10.

Students in the National Stream will sit for the national and official school leaving certificate after completing 12 years of education in Jordan, also known as Tawjihi. We are currently phasing out the National Stream. 

 Tuition & Fees  2016 / 2017  الأقساط المدرسية للعام الدراسي

Grade Tuition fees  JOD القسط الصف
PRE KG 3425 حضانة
KG1 3595 البستان
KG2 3745 التمهيدي
1st grade 4530 الاول الأساسي
2nd grade 5125 الثاني الأساسي
3rd grade 5335 الثالث الأساسي
4th grade 5520 الرابع الأساسي
5th grade 5730 الخامس الأساسي
6th grade 6065 السادس الأساسي
7th grade 6480 السابع الأساسي
8th grade 6870 الثامن الأساسي
9th grade 8415 التاسع الأساسي
10th grade 8415 العاشر الأساسي
11th grade - IB* 10115 الحادي عشر - برنامج البكالوريا
12th grade - IB* 10115 الثاني عشر - برنامج البكالوريا

* A flat fee of JD 250 is charged to cover CAS expenses for Diploma students
* A flat fee of JD 150 is charged to cover CAS expenses for Diploma Courses students
* The tuition fees above do not include external exam fees and any trips outside the Greater Amman area

Payment of school fees for any given school year is as follows (on the basis that all previous due amounts have been settled):
1. A seat reservation fee of JD 500 for each student is payable before the end of February 2016, or at the time of enrollment for new students. This fee is non-refundable and is deducted from the student’s tuition fees as a down payment. This fee represents a preliminary reservation and does not in itself guarantee enrollment.

2. All school fees must be settled before 15 July 2016, or at the time of enrollment for new students who are accepted after 15 July 2016. Payment can be made either in full, or by means of three checks made out in equal amounts by the student’s guardian and post-dated as follows: 1 August 2016 /1 January 2017 /1 March 2017. Fees cannot be pro-rated; the minimum unit of payment is that which covers one whole semester.
Note: In the event that tuition fees are not paid in full by July 15, 2016, or if post-dated checks have not been provided by that date, the school reserves the right to accept new students from its waiting list while retaining the seat reservation fee and the one-time joining fee.

Discount for Siblings
The school offers a 5% discount on tuition fees for the second younger sibling 10% discount for each of the remaining younger siblings The maximum discount rate per student is 10%.

Early Payment Discount
An 8% discount is applied to the second semester tuition fee installment (after deducting the siblings discount) for parents who settle it along with the first semester installment and the other required school fees (for all siblings) before 15 July 2016.

One-Time Joining Fee
New students joining the school are charged a non-refundable fee of JD 400 payable at the time of enrollment. Students who leave the school and later re-register will be required to pay this fee a second time. Students who register in Pre-KG are exempt from paying this fee.

JD 350 for students in Grades 1-12 JD 300 for Pre-KG and KG students to cover various actual costs for activities, government books, notebooks, accident insurance, yearbook and educational field trips within the Greater Amman area. Other trips outside the Greater Amman area will be paid by parents. Students who join the school at any point during the school year are also required to pay this fee in full.

Information Technology
JD 200 per annum for Pre-KG, KG and Grades 1-12. Students who join the school at any point during the school year are also required to pay this fee in full.

After-School Supervision Fee
JD 100 is payable per term by KG and Grades 1-4 parents who cannot arrive immediately after school hours to pick up their children. A maximum delay of one hour is permissible. For the children's comfort and well-being, school administration strongly urges parents to pick up their children immediately after school without delay.

Graduation Expenses JD 120 to be paid once during the student's year of graduation.

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