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  • Al Khalidi Medical Center | مركز الخالدي الطبي

Al Khalidi Medical Center | مركز الخالدي الطبي

Al Khalidi Medical Center | مركز الخالدي الطبي
Al Khalidi Medical Center | مركز الخالدي الطبي 4.6 05 0

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39 Ibn Khaldoun Street, Amman 11183, Jordan

+962 6 464 4281
+962 6 461 6801
General info

Established in 1978 as a maternity hospital in Amman, Al Khalidi Medical Center (KMC) today is a heart and comprehensive specialty hospital. With over 15 clinical departments and over 200 affiliated specialists, KMC has a wide range of highly specialized services available to meet the growing needs of our patients. We also have around 700 staff providing round-the-clock personalized care to our patients every hour of the day, every day of the year.


KMC houses 160 beds including 27 ICCU beds, 7 operating theaters and a 24-hours emergency room with 8 beds and 3 ambulances. We derive our strength from our nationally-recognized physicians and surgeons, our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipments, as well as our highly-trained staff and nurses , which enable us to offer a number of highly specialized medical and surgical procedures.


At KMC, we regard the health of our patients paramount and we put more than 30 years of our experience for their best interest. We understand the importance of personalized care and support to ensure that the road to recovery is as smooth as possible. We also value patient awareness and education in maintaining a healthy and productive life.


Al Khalidi Medical Center- A Heart & Comprehensive Specialty Hospital.

العناية الفائقة هي حجر الزاوية بالنسبة لنا في مركز الخالدي الطبي، إذ نحيط مرضانا بالراحة التامة والرعاية الصحية المتقدمة والدقيقة طوال فترة إقامتهم لدينا. إننا ملتزمون ببذل الجهود الثابتة و الرامية تحديدا إلى تحقيق الرعاية الصحية المتميزة، والإهتمام الشخصي المفصل وفق الحاجات الخاصة بكل مريض.

إن مركز الخالدي الطبي يتمتع بجاهزية عالية وأهلية على مستوى عالمي لتقديم خدمة الرعاية الصحية الشاملة والمعالجة الطبية المتخصصة، إذ يتميز مركزنا بالحداثة والتفوق العلمي والتوسع والتجدد الدائم، وينهض في حماية هذه المزايا والمحافظة عليها الفريق الطبي والموظفون ذو الخبرات العالية.
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