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Al Burgan Handicrafts has become one of the leading Jordanian crafts industries that employs over 20 full time local skills, mainly women, some with disabilities, and make use of traditional Jordanian embroideries and work techniques to produce a wide variety of unique top quality items.
Range of items include:

  - Embroidered small gift items: Pouches, Wallets, Bookmarks, slippers, Teapot covers, hats, etc.
 - Soft collectable animals in patchwork traditional fabrics and embroideries: Teddy bears and Camels.
 -  Hand made traditional Jordanian dolls with hand carved wooden faces and explicit embroidered outfits.
 -  Ladies fashionable shoulder hands and back bags.
 -  Bath and bed room wear and accessories for adults and children in toweling and traditional fabrics.
 -  Ladies'' and children''s out fits, Jackets and shawls.
 -  Tablecloths, Place mats and accessories.
 - Custom made woven wall Hangings and floor rugs.
 - Soft home furnishings including table runners and embroidered cushions.


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 Address: 12 Tala''t Harb Street, 2nd Circle, Amman
العـــــنـــــوان:  شارع طلعت حرب، الدوار الثاني - عمان


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